Learning Ruby on Rails ?

Follow the journey of three beginners who are learning to code.

What ?

Three bravehearts who have an app idea & who are absolute beginner in Ruby on Rails are selected to be part of this experiment. They write about their path to develop their Ruby on Rails app on Codelearn blog once per week.

How ?

Ashish, who is the founder of Codelearn, guides them passively by dropping comments to the blog. The intention is to point them to appropriate resource depending on their taste, speed or inclination. They are free to discover resources they feel appropriate to learn Ruby on Rails. The conversation between them & Ashish will happen on their respective blog comments.

For whom ?

While the experiment should serve as a good series of posts for a newbie who is looking to learn Ruby on Rails, there will also be bits & pieces of general web development topics like how to decide on an MVP, which Rails server to pick, what CSS framework to use etc. It should be interesting & informative read for anyone who is looking to learn Ruby on Rails in particular or web devleopment in general.

Introducing the participants

Meet Rohit

Rohit pic

Rohit lives in Bangalore, India, and has been programming professionally for a decade, mostly making mobile apps. He has intermediate-level skill in Java, C# and C++, but has never worked with “scripting” or dynamically-typed languages such as Ruby or Python.

Meet Sagar

Sagar pic

Sagar lives in New Delhi, India and has not programmed much since Turbo Pascal way back in the late nineties (so yeah, he is pretty much starting from scratch). He wants to pick up programming again for fun, and has been slowly working his way through resources on Python and Ruby.

Meet Shirwa

Shirwa pic

Shirwa is 17 years old and is attending Saint Paul Central High School, Minnesota. He recently found his love for coding and picked up Android app development and is now learning Ruby on Rails!

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